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Search Engines
Lasers and Missile Defense You know us as the Internet's original search engine.
Earthpulse This is Dr. Nick Begich site which covers information about Haarp.
Active Denial Technology This site shows the new Electromagnetic ray gun that the Govt. wants to use for crowd control
The Air Force site is de.afrl.af.mil. Kirtland AFB New Mexico.

Dosimetry Report on Radio Frequency This site shows research conducted by Brooks Air Force Base on the non-ionizing radio frequency effects on human beings.

Favorite Sites
Judy Wall Resonance Report Mind Altering Em technology 684 County Rd. 535 Smterville, Fl. 33585 for more info.
Margo Cherney This site covers information from Mkultra to today's Directed Energy Weapons Mind Control program.
Stop Covert War This site covers all of today's Cointelpro program.
Spectrum International Intelligence Network This site covers information about hi-tech surveillance, tempest, carnivore, and biosensors.
Electromagnetic Wave Guide This site shows the charts and scientific research on the effects of electromagnetic energy on the human being.
U.S. patents This is where you can find patents on directed energy weapons, acoustics, infrasound, electromagnetic, and radio frequency devices.
Human Health and Electromagnetic Energy This is a site which shows the effects of Electromagnetic energy on the human body.
Brain Implants Look up in the Archives of technology Oct. 15, 1998
Brain implant lets mand control computer by thought by Aisling Irwin, Science Correspondent.

Brain implants Digital Angel This site is Applied Digital Solutions the maker of Digital Angel GPS system implant. Look up microchips or GPS system.

Stop Directed Energy Weapons